Bishop Benedict Appoints Syncelli

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The word “bishop” derives from two Greek words, “epi” and “scopus” which translate into “overseer”--one who oversees something.

In the case of eparchial business, which includes many facets with a multitude of minute details, the bishop must rely upon a support staff to do his job as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Following the conferences held at Cardinal Stritch Retreat House in conjunction with the clergy retreat, Bishop Benedict has taken steps to select personnel to accept the responsibility to assist him in his duties.

On October 10, 2017 several appointments were announced in fulfilling the needs of the eparchy, based upon the Code of Canons for the Eastern Churches.

The Syncellus of the Office of Development and Strategic Planning is Rev. Mykola Buryadnyk.

The Syncellus of Legal Affairs and Finances is Very Rev Yaroslav Mendyuk.

The Chancellor of the Eparchial Office is Very Rev Archpriest Mykhailo Kuzma.

The Pastoral Office of the Affairs of the Laity is headed by its Syncellus. Rev Volodymyr Kushnir.

The Syncellus of the Affairs of the Religious, Clergy and Their Families is Rev Abraham Miller.

These Eparchial Offices are established in accord with Canon 243 § 2-3; and 246 of the CCEC. Each of the appointees is to take an oath of office, in the presence of the bishop and chancellor in a church, and with a hand on the Holy Gospel affirm the stipulations of the duties and responsibilities of the office, and recognize the confidentiality involved. A signed and witnessed document is stored in the eparchial archives.

Recently, several of these appointees were able to meet with Bishop Benedict to fulfill these requirements, recorded herewith in the sample accompanying photographs.

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